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A fairytale wedding has always been your dream.


Your beautiful white dress that you have imagined since childhood, the walk along the aisle towards your prince charming, the fantastic party where you have fun with all your friends and relatives.


Organizing a wedding is not easy, especially because you are so confused by all the things you have to think about.


You would like everything to be perfect and organized in the best possible way. But you don't know where to start. What are the first steps to take. You are afraid of making mistakes and, therefore, of not being able to make your dream come true.

You dream it, I make it happen!


If your desire is to live your wedding day, and the organization path, without anxiety and stress, but full of emotions, I can help you make it happen.

We would design the entire event together: through the creation of a mood board I will give you a concrete vision of your day, inserting all the details you would like at your wedding.

I will accompany you throughout the organization process, always advising you in the best possible way. I will offer you a wide choice of the best suppliers in the industry. I will be the figure you can count on in any situation.

"What could be better for two souls than knowing how to be united for life?"

George Eliot


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